THE VIBRANT colours of spring are in full bloom at a new exhibition at the Saltbox Gallery in Helmsley.

Neil and Linda, along with Oskar the Cavalier, took over the Gallery just over a year ago and they are now holding their second exhibition - ‘The Colours of Spring’

Linda, said they wanted to make the most of the gallery's natural light to create the vibrant exhibition.

"The exhibition featured artist Claire West, ceramicist Gordon Broadhurst, glass maker Stuart Ackroyd and jewellery by Miranda Peckitt," she added.

"When we had put together the exhibition we stood back and thought 'wow' as it is so bright and cheerful."

Linda added: "A lot of people have said how much they enjoy the art work on display and we have received some wonderful comments about the exhibition."

Based in Beverley, Claire paints because it makes her happy and she hopes that it does the same for the viewer. She has a strong belief in the power of colour therapy uplifting the spirit. Claire loves colour and enjoys exploring its contrasts and its vibrant and intense nature. She usually works on canvas with acrylic paint and inks. Claire produces texture through layers of paint and random dripping of inks. As the painting develops she will discover happy accidents which have evolved and help to form the finished painting, often dictating where detail will happen.

Working from his ceramics studio near Masham, North Yorkshire, Gordon’s innovative and highly distinctive thrown stoneware, tableware and decorative ceramics are as diverse as the materials he employs. His production techniques are combined in innovative and experimental ways. Wheelthrown forms, often modified through the use of applied, modelled and press moulded additions, continue to form the central core of his work and ideas.

Stuart has been making glass for over 30 years. His glass-making career began in the North East of England and he opened his own hot studio in Nottingham in 2000. He is an award-winning studio glass designer-maker based in the UK. He creates forms in vibrant colours and organic shapes. Instantly identifiable, his work possesses a sense of movement and grace within the solid form. Stuart’s designs begin with an idea inspired by the world around him; after sketching the designs he progresses them by experimenting with the material and making a 3D form. These initial glass prototypes are then further refined to produce the final piece

Trained in fine art painting, Miranda works colour into her unique jewellery accessories. Her designer jewellery is worn as dynamic fine art. Acrylic is painted in layers and then sealed. Aluminium is anodised to accept dyes and made into fashionable bangles, bracelets and pendants.

Linda, said they wanted to make the most of the gallery's natural light to create the vibrant exhibition

Both Claire and Gordon plan to spend some time at the gallery during the exhibition which runs until Saturday May, 27.

For further details contact the Saltbox Gallery on 01439 770881 or go to