A CHARITY is urging people to provide a home for cats and kittens.

Volunteers at the Cats Protection League in Amotherby have now merged with the Wolds and District Branch to help promote the re-homing and neutering of cats and kittens in the area.

The Ryedale and Wolds Cats Protection is linked to the Hull & District branch of Cats Protection and offer cats and kittens for rehoming on their behalf. These include animals from the local area, and further afield.

Claire Stellings, from the group, said they had recently had a massive influx of cats and kittens to find homes for and were running out of space.

"We are particularly looking for homes for adult cats who end up in shelters due to no fault of their own," she said.

"Separated from their loved ones, surrounded by other strange cats, confined, confused, and sometimes frightened, many are emotionally devastated by their misfortune.

"Sadly for adult cats, most people who adopt gravitate toward the adorable, bouncy, and big-eyed kittens.

"Older cats sit by and watch, as one loving family after another passes them over for a cute kitten from this season's litter. "Kittens will always be popular, and most have no trouble attracting admirers. But for the abandoned, forgotten, and heartbroken adult cats, you just might be their last chance to have the love and warmth of a home where they can live out their years in comfort."

The group also encouraged people to neuter their cats and kittens neutered to help prevent breeding and interbreeding,

Claire said: "We also trap feral cats to neuter and can help with neutering costs. At one time we can house up to 20-30 cats and kittens in our heated catteries at Amotherby.

"All our cats and kittens are tested, vaccinated, micro-chipped, flead and wormed before being re-homed. We therefore ask for an adoption fee of £45.

"We always need cat and kitten food, cat litter, blankets and cat equipment, so any donations of these would be much appreciated."

For more information, phone Claire Stellings on 01377 288308, Liz Wattrus on 01653 697918 or go to Ryedale and Wolds Cats Protection - Under Hull and District CPL on Facebook.