NORTON Town Council is to write to Network Rail asking why they are not installing the promised hollow sleepers during forthcoming work.

The company is to carry out track renewal works in Norton between October and November leading to the closure of the level crossing at weekends.

However, Councillor Di Keal said she was extremely disappointed that they were not using the opportunity to install the sleepers which help reduce the effects of flooding in the area.

"Within a month of the last severe flooding it was found that one of the things that would help is hollow sleepers as previously whenever a train came through the pumps had to be moved," she added.

"We were told that they could only be installed when the track was closed for maintenance and yet here we are being told that this is going to happen but not sign of the sleepers."

"I am appalled, it is only a matter of time before we are in the same position facing the same problems again."

Coun Jonathan Gray said works like this only happened every few years so it was vital the opportunity was taken to install the sleepers.

"They will become part of the track and will there when they are needed," he added