THE YMCA is issuing an appeal for new volunteers to help shape the lives of young people.

A team of around 65 helps run the YMCA branch in Scarborough including their community theatre and other activities at the St Thomas Street premises.

They play such a vital role that the YMCA has just recruited a Volunteer Co-ordinator, Sandra Doubtfire – herself a volunteer – to help recruit more and train them.

The first in a series of monthly volunteer drop-in sessions to welcome anyone interested will be held on Tuesday, September 2 at 6.30pm with future sessions being held on the first Tuesday of each month at the same time.

Sandra said: “The YMCA couldn’t get by without our wonderful volunteers and we are always looking for more.

“They help the YMCA in a wide variety of ways, from helping in the coffee bar, to serving audiences at theatre performances, to numerous backstage jobs like set design, stage crew and also acting as chaperones for the young people taking part.”

Sandra said volunteers could give as much or as little time as they can afford and all got a lot out of it.

“Volunteers benefit in so many ways, for some it is about making a contribution and helping a team, to others it is a great way to build your own value and self-esteem," she added.

“It is a great, social way, for older people to help young people and at the same time, an excellent way for young people to learn from older people, work with different age groups and gain vital work and life experiences to add to their CV. It is also an excellent way for anyone looking to get into theatre work to learn about aspects of the job, from front of house to backstage."

For further information please contact Scarborough YMCA Executive Director Steve Marsh on 01723 374227.