A swimming club which has been running for more than 50 years may be forced to close if volunteers do not come forward.

DVASC swimming club, which holds sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at Derwent Pool, Norton, needs more volunteers and a coach to enable it to keep running.

The volunteer-led club is used by about 150 children and secretary of the group, Paula Cook, said she fears that without increased support the club will suffer.

She said: “We are in a really difficult position at the moment. Two of our level two coaches have just left and we need more support at sessions from volunteers to keep an eye on the children, get floats out and put equipment away for example.

“It would be incredibly sad if we had to knock some of the sessions on the head or close. The children would be extremely disappointed.

“A lot of them have been coming since they were six or seven, so we have seen them grow up. It is a real family orientated club.”

Rebecca Sleightholm, of The Ridings, Norton, swam with the club as a child as did her mother before her, and she now takes her children there for lessons.

She said: “I have badges and medals that I achieved throughout my time with the club and now have the eldest of my three sons learning with the club and, hopefully, soon to follow will be his younger brothers.

“Both mum and I were devastated after hearing about how the club might close.

“Our children love this club and to lose it would be devastating all round.

“Let’s get some community spirit back.”

The club needs a level two swimming instructor, but also volunteers to help out at sessions to help with equipment, relay instructions to children and be on hand to support the swimming instructor.

Volunteers do not need to be qualified swimming instructors, but there is the opportunity to undertake qualifications later.

For more information, phone Paula on 01653 694275.