BECK Isle Museum in Pickering has received a funding boost from Costcutter.

The store was approached by the museum team who are looking for financial support in the wake of a reduction in government grants.

Bruce Pickup, one of the volunteers, said that while attendances were holding up money was getting tighter.

"I have been working on sponsor deals with local companies and supporters to sponsor different areas of the museum with prices starting at £15. Sponsors then receive a pass for access which they or their staff can use as well as coverage in the museum," he added.

"The idea is to involve locals more and let them feel part of what is their museum, this is proving successful with around half of the rooms and cases now supported in this way. "

Bruce said one of the businesses they approached was Costcutter in Pickering and as a result were given a donation of £573.

"We are very grateful for the kind donation from Costcutter and would like to thank them for their generosity, " he added.