NHS Scarborough and Ryedale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) launched an initiative to share their priorities for improving the health and wellbeing of local residents at a roadshow in Malton.

The exhibition was part of a six-week initiative until August 1, to seek the views of the public on how these can be achieved and how they can get involved.

A spokesman for the CCG said they had taken the opportunity to explain about the 'planning for the future' initiative.

"We spoke with a lot of people and handed out around 200 surveys for people to share their views on the CCG’s priorities.

"The vast majority of people were content with how things are – many shared positive experiences of care they had received - and we took the opportunity to explain about the CCG and that it’s led by local GPs – again the vast majority were positive about this.

The spokesman added: "Many people said they had heard about the CCG’s review of urgent care and that they were glad to see the CCG asking for peoples’ views, and similarly that they were asking for views about their plans for the future.

"We also handed out registration forms for people to sign-up to our new virtual engagement network called ‘The Loop’. This gives people the opportunity to contribute their views towards specific initiatives, depending on their interests. Overall it was a very positive roadshow."

For more information about the ‘planning for the future’ initiative, Visit scarboroughryedaleccg.nhs.uk