The Conservative party topped the polls in Ryedale in the European election.

The party secured the most votes out of the 10 parties running, with a total of 4,914 votes, followed closely by UKIP with 4,184 votes.

A total of 13,860 votes were counted from the Ryedale area, with a total of 27 ballot papers deemed “spoilt” through either voting for more than one registered party or through the paper being “unmarked or void for uncertainty”.

The Ryedale turnout for voters saw a drop since the last European elections in 2009, with a 34.36 per cent turnout compared to 40.52 per cent five years ago.

Turnout across the Yorkshire and the Humber region was 33.63 per cent.

The election results from last Thursday’s voting were announced at Leeds Town Hall on Sunday evening.

Six seats were available and one has gone to the Conservative Party, three have gone to UKIP and two have gone to Labour. Both the Liberal Democrats and the BNP lost the seat they held.

At the last European elections two Conservative MEPs, one Liberal Democrat, one UKIP, one Labour and one BNP were elected to represent the region in the European Parliament.

Yorkshire First, one of the 10 parties running in the elections, said that it was celebrating the results, having been formed just seven weeks ago. The party secured 274 votes across Ryedale and a total of 19, 017 votes – 1.5 per cent of the total, across the region.

Leader of the party Richard Carter said: “We have undoubtedly touched a raw nerve in the very short time we have been set up and we feel we have the support to carry on beyond these elections.

“Our positive and outward-looking message has been well received. We will build on this result and come back even stronger.”

The UKIP MEPs elected are Jane Collins, Amjad Bashir and Mike Hookem.

Labour’s MEPs are Linda McAvan and Richard Corbett and the Conservative MEP elected was Timothy Kirkhope.

• The breakdown of votes across Ryedale was: An Independence from Europe – 227; British National Party – 115; Conservative Party – 4,914; English Democrats – 94; Green Party – 1,339; Labour Party – 1,558; Liberal Democrats – 1,125; NO2EU – 30; UKIP – 4,184; Yorkshire First – 274.