TWO local writers have turned a keen interest in to a soon to be published book detailing the history of the First World War.

Aidie Denney, 36 and Professor Nick Bosanquet, 71 have written Our Land at War giving readers a unique insight in to aspects of WWI through striking pictures and taking a look at the sites involved in the wider war effort.

Aidie, who lives in Malton, said that together the pair spent months researching the war and visiting places throughout the country to take pictures for the book.

He said: "I had been interested in it for a while, but Nick is an absolute fanatic. He had a lot of old books and really wanted to put them to use and that's how it started off."

Aidie and Nick are also hoping that the book will help people celebrate the centenary of the First World War and remember those who fought, particularly in the UK.

"The signs of this effort and often of the sacrifice are there in your town," said Aidie.

"In this book we set out the main sites and how to get to them, but I hope this will help you to set out on your personal quest to find this generation and to honour them."

The pair are now also hoping to write a second book, following the release of Our Land at War in May, on the Second World War. The book will explore how the war affected teenagers such as Boy Scouts, children who were forced to go to work young and those whose families went to serve on the front line.

If you have any information which would help Aidie and Nick with their second book phone Aidie on 07712667776.