A CLUTCH of six eggs has been laid by a pair of barn owls in time for Easter.

The eggs are now being carefully monitored via video link by a wildlife artist Robert Fuller in Thixendale.

According to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, these birds of prey could disappear from the county altogether if the current rate of decline continues.

Robert is a founding member of the Wolds Barn Owl Group, which monitors barn owl populations and has been putting out additional food for two breeding pairs since well before Christmas.

He said: “Breeding success mainly comes down to a good food supply. Last year short-tailed field voles, which are the barn owls main source of food were in short supply and so barn owls had the worst breeding season since 1958.

“It was so exciting when she laid just in time for Easter, and it is not over yet – there are signs that she may go on to lay additional eggs.”