THE village of Slingsby is staging a wartime exhibition at its village hall on Saturday, April 26, which will feature not only the First and Second World Wars, but the village’s role in historic conflicts.

The Slingsby Local History Group is urging people to come forward with artefacts, photographs and documents relating to the wars.

One of the organisers, Margaret McKinder, said: “Slingsby was a military training centre and there were munitions storage areas around the area.

“Slingsby lost many of its young men of combat age and their descendants have no doubt memories which could be featured.

“We hope to cover all aspects of life, including what happened on the farms, food, music, entertainment.

“Our aim is to collect and capture information for future generations before it is forgotten.”

Anyone with information is invited to attend the group’s meetings, which are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month in the village hall.