A CONCERT inspired by a teenager who died following a lengthy battle with two brain tumours has been organised to support other young people.

Never Forget is a non-profit making community organisation set up in memory of 18-year-old Laura Robertson-Tierney, known as Louby, who died at her home in Malton, on February 29, 2012.

Clare Fowler, one of the concert organisers, said: “Sadly, Louby died before our first concert took place, but it was decided then that Never Forget would keep running to support others in our community while raising money for charities that affected them personally. With children and young adults, it is often a way that they can express their feelings and show support for those they care for.”

Clare said that another local youngster, Harvey Pettit, has battled leukaemia for many years and has recently undergone a bone marrow transplant. “At our original concert, Harvey stood on stage, while poorly, played his guitar and sang in tribute to his beautiful friend Louby,” she said. “Since then, he has fought courageously for the two years that have passed since Louby was taken from us.”

Clare said Never Forget wanted to support Harvey and his family by hosting a concert to raise money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. “As a parent I find it so difficult to get my head around my child possibly being poorly for any length of time, let alone having to battle such a devastating illness,”

she said. “While Harvey should have been able to enjoy his teenage years, he has endured many difficulties.”

The concert - Top Of The Pops Through The Decades - will be held at Norton College, on Friday and Saturday, at 7.15pm. Tickets are available from www.positickets.co.uk for £40 a table or £10 a seat. A bar and table service will be available.