PLANS for the layout of a new community park in Pickering have been discussed as the town council prepares to take over the park land.

Pickering Town Council received £10,381 from the Government’s New Homes Bonus Scheme, via Ryedale District Council, in 2012, to go towards buying equipment for a new community park in the town.

Former mayor of Pickering and town councillor William Oxley said that a working group for the town council had now begun to look at early plans for the park layout.

“A town council working party is looking at the detail of the park for when it gets handed over to us,” he said.

“There will be seats, benches, picnic tables and a barbecue area,” he added. “As well as a kickabout area for children.”

The seven-acre community park space, in Whitby Road, will be transferred from David Wilson Homes to the town council later this year.

Councillor Oxley said that he expected the handover to be sometime between summer and autumn.

The park land is currently under the control of David Wilson Homes, as they continue to work on a housing development project at the former site of Rogers’ Nurseries.

Coun Oxley said that David Wilson Homes still had some work to do before the park land could be transferred to the council’s control.

“There is some regrading to be done, some finishing off of the toilets to be done and sorting the wetlands.

“There is an understanding of what is going to be done before the land is handed over,” he said.

Coun Oxley said the town council also hopes that there will be children’s play equipment in the finalised plans but suggested that public meetings would take place first to determine what the residents of Pickering would like to see in the park.

He said: “We anticipate that there will be play equipment.

“But that will develop as the plan does.

“We as a council are now looking at the really early stages for when it becomes council property.”