THE mother of a teenage driver has spoken of her “absolute disgust”

after he was sent a card promoting a young motorists’ safety event.

Maxine Oldfield, who lives in Norton, said at first it had appeared to be a Valentine’s card until her 19-year-old son, Christopher, opened it.

“The wording on the front was ‘Dead Fast and Dead Crazy’ and when he opened it there were scattered red roses and the wording ‘Dead Girlfriend’ with just small wording at the bottom of the card saying what it was about,” she said.

“I was absolutely disgusted. This was totally inappropriate for Valentine’s Day and it was also my birthday which really upset me.”

Mrs Oldfield said she understood the cards had been sent out to 75 young drivers to promote a road safety event at Wentworth Street car park in Malton on March 2.

The Wentworth Wheels event, 11.30am-4.30pm, is a multi-agency event where representatives from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, the county council’s road safety team, Safer Ryedale and police will be on hand to give advice to young motorists.

Those attending will also have the opportunity to test their driving skills and watch practical demonstrations including simulated road collisions.

Mrs Oldfield said: “My son very rarely drives around in his car, apart from going to work, as he doesn’t like wasting the petrol.

“I can understand them trying to get the message across but why do it this way. Christopher has lost members of his family, including his father four years ago to cancer, so to open something like this was very distressing.”

“Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about sending out messages of love.

“My son’s family means a lot to him and this has not only upset him and me but also his girlfriend and sister.”

No one from the team organising the Wentworth Wheels event was available to comment.