EVERY so often something magic happens in Yorkshire’s Food Capital. This week I met a talented couple who are bringing a new line of expertise to Malton’s food and drink story.

Let me introduce you to Drew Jemmett and Clare Hanson. Originally from Leicester, I’m delighted to say they’ve just moved to Malton - it seems to be a bit of a trend.

Drew, originally a fireman, now works at Ganton Golf Club and said he fell in love with the town on returning from his interview. Parking up in the Market Place he said he liked the charm of the place immediately and, after hearing it was a true foodie destination, they were sold on setting up their business here.

Drew and Clare run Forleaves, an online artisan tea company with an incredible reputation for picking and blending some of the most beautiful teas in the world. There’s no corner of the globe they haven’t scoured for incredible flavours to make exciting and delicious brews. One look at their website and you get the idea – in short they specialise in the cuppa of your dreams. Their mission, as they told me, “We want people to rediscover the culture and ritual of tea.”

Drew and Clare invited me round for a tea tasting and having only ever tasted builders’ tea or at a push Earl Grey, I accepted with great interest. With my lack of knowledge I admit I was nervous but this charming couple immediately put me at ease and started taking me through black, white, green, Oolongs and many other teas I’d never heard of. What a universe it is.

We tasted a delicate white peony, a fine light entry into this glorious world of the senses. Next was their Number Nine Oolong, its leaf unfurling before our very eyes, with steam and scents of orchid and chrysanthemum. Lastly we tasted the full bodied Dankong Oolong, a darker full bodied example, which to my beginner’s palate was simply superb.

Clare made me laugh pointing out that Drew, as an ex-fireman, has gone from the action-packed world of fighting fires to the incredibly soothing and sensual world of fine tea. What a change. But then in life it is perhaps those changes that make the world more interesting.

What was so delightful about my tea tasting experience was the relaxed way I started to learn about a subject that I’ve never given much thought to previously. Later on I mused how lucky Malton is to suddenly have another pair of artisans so passionate and knowledgeable about their subject.

Although currently only available online, Forleaves is hoping to have a Made in Malton food production and retail unit in the future - so watch this space. Once you’ve tasted your first Oolong, you will never look at tea again the same way.

As I left their home, Clare recommended one of their most popular teas to me, their No 7 Breakfast Tea. She described it as having all the soothing and traditional breakfast tea flavours but in three dimensions. Now that sounds like a cuppa.

And in other news, don’t forgot, the Malton Monthly Food Market returns on Saturday, November 12, with chocolate-themed live demonstrations.