A PLEA for increased support for the United Nations Association was made at a meeting of the Malton and Norton branch at Malton Pioneer Club on Friday.

Brigadier General Sir Edward Whitley, who presided, said that it was the first meeting of the branch since the service held at St Peter’s Church, Norton, 18 months ago. One reason why they had not gone forward after such a good start was the loss by death of their president, Archdeacon Hope.

Everyone had suffered a sense of frustration and the United Nations did not seem to be getting on well at all. The assembly seemed to be a place in which members threw angry words at each other and there was no progress.

The Security Council, which was to be in permanent session dealing with problems as they arose, had been entirely frustrated by the use of the veto.

It was essential that they should go forward. The world had shrunk so much since the last war and the results of the scientific experience, the atom bomb and the long range rocket had brought a greater sense of insecurity than before.

The old League of Nations and the charter of UNA were attempts to try by some sort of organisation to keep the nations of the earth running in comparative security, and he appealed to all to support them.

• WHAT were described as disgusting housing conditions at Scackleton were discussed at Saturday’s meeting of Malton Rural Council when the vice-chairman, Coun F S Ellis, moved that every priority be given to Scackleton in the matter of housing and water.

The conditions were disgusting, he said, and he had no idea there were such conditions in England, even in the biggest slums.

In one house, the bedroom had no ventilation and one family of seven occupied a house and they had to have a bed in the pantry.

He couldn’t understand why the matter had not been brought before them. Canon E H Smith said that the houses had been condemned 10 years ago.

• HISTORY was made at Wednesday’s meeting of Malton Urban Council when a cine-film was taken of the members in session.

This was the idea of chairman, Coun J S Stephenson, who is nearing the end of his term of office, and it will serve as an interesting record for future generations.

Added interest would have been given had it been a talkie film, but perhaps this was expecting too much. At any rate this was an innovation.

From the Malton Gazette, Malton Messenger and Yorkshire Gazette. Friday, February 27, 1948