BECK Isle Museum, Pickering, has dug deep into its archives to uncover these photographs.

Here are two photographs of Dolly Shepherd’s balloon flight in Ryedale, in 1911.

Dolly Shepherd was a famous balloonist who transported her balloon around the country on a cart drawn by four horses.

The balloon was inflated by lighting a bonfire close by. Once inflated Dolly would rise with it, hanging on a trapeze below.

Once high enough, she would pull a cord, making the balloon collapse, and she would parachute to the ground.

These pictures show her appearance at the 1911 Pickering Gala, which was held in the grounds of High Hall in Castlegate.


Gazette & Herald:


Below is a picture of Pickering Market Place in flood on July 23, 1930.

Gazette & Herald:

The main building, now HSBC, used to be Midland Bank Ltd and to the left is Scarborough and Whitby Brewery off licence.


Gazette & Herald:

This photo shows Pickering Police Sergeant William Borough driving a horse and trap near the police station in Kirkham Lane.

The photograph was taken in about 1920.