THE rich history of Malton and Norton is being explored in a new interactive exhibition.

Malton Goes to Market transports visitors back in time at the recently refurbished Malton Museum in Yorkersgate.

Within the exhibition there is the opportunity to follow drone footage of the town and down the river, examine the interactive map and listen to the stories of people past and present.

Visitors can even play the part of a Victorian trader by exploring the costumes, made for both adults and children. Younger visitors will enjoy taking part in the hands on activities and following Fido, the museum dog as he leads them around the exhibition.

Claire Sawdon, Malton Museum's development officer, said: "The exhibition features a varied array of objects from Malton’s prehistoric past to more recent items from local traders and businesses.

"Popular pieces include trade tokens from a local draper, and the beautiful illustrations by local artist Dorothea Forsyth, who lived in the Market Square, and the sign ‘Forsyth House’ can still be seen today. Her depictions of the market square in 1906 and 1928 shows a bustling market square.

"Other items in the collection include needlecraft, clothes and beautiful purses and toy dolls. The exhibition includes a quilt created by the local quilters to mark the start of the millennium. Each piece is hand stitched and shows details such as Yates, The Old Lodge and the Milton Rooms."

This exhibition features items recently donated to the museum after an appeal to the public was published in the Gazette & Herald and on the radio.

Claire said: "These include a beautiful Russell and Wrangham beer jar, which could have been used to store beer and fiercely says ‘return at once when empty’ which, of course, was not what happened to this jar.

"The jar now takes centre stage alongside other containers ranging from Roman drinking vessels, to medieval and to more recent bottles, and jars."

Malton Museum is running a variety of events over the summer for both adults and families to accompany the exhibition including its popular hands on workshops. To find out more about the upcoming events visit the website or call into the museum.

The museum is run by volunteers supported by a part-time paid member of staff. If you would like to find out more about volunteering and upcoming projects contact the museum phone 01653 691262 or go to

Malton Goes to Market is open from Thursday to Saturday, from 10am to 4pm, until October 29.