MEMBERS of the original Calendar Girls made a special appearance at the Ryedale Rose Festival at the weekend to receive a new rose named in their honour.

They joined some of the country’s leading horticulturalists for the two-day event hosted by RV Roger of Pickering, following a successful first show last year.

Over the two days the nursery opened up their four-acre rose field to visitors where they grow more than 50,000 plants and 600 different varieties each year.

One of the highlights was the British Isles Rose Society Show, where the major rose growers and exhibitors in the UK will put on a show of some of the finest blooms in the country.

There were also separate classes for children, local gardeners, as well as head gardeners from stately homes around Ryedale and talks from experts about growing and pruning roses, and how to make best use of them in the garden.

Ian Roger from Roger's Roses, said four new strains had been named - Calendar Girl, Ryedale Rose, Tommie’s Rose, and Our Endeavour.

"My father, Anthony died from leukaemia last year and his rose, Our Endeavour, raises money for his favourite charity Hope and Homes for Children while the Tommie's Rose is supporting the First World War commemorations," he added.

“We had a really good weekend with lots of visitors over the two days and the Calendar Girls were lovely - really good fun."