A CAMPAIGN group has been set up in a bid to encourage Yorkshire Water to tackle the smell of the drains in Malton, which made one campaigner physically sick.

Eric Bowie, 26, who lives in Malton, founded the group Malton Stinks in the light of a stench coming from the drains along Wheelgate and Butcher Corner as the weather got warmer.

He said that after years of having to endure the smell over the summer months he could not face another year of bad smells and is urging Yorkshire Water to tackle the problem.

He said: "I was physically sick. It seems very backwards that we, as a town, plan on developing for the future but have failed to upgrade our sewage facilities to cope with the 20th, let alone 21st century, as this problem has been going on for decades now.

"This problem has been a recurring nightmare for residents and has most definitely worsened over time. I now refuse to go into town when the sun is shining."

A campaign page has since been set up on Facebook and has so far received almost 400 'likes' from supports urging Yorkshire Water and Ryedale District Council to do something.

A spokesperson for Yorkshire Water said that they were aware of the complaints from residents and were looking at what they could do to stop the smell.

"We would like to apologise for the issue which we are working hard to resolve," the spokesperson said.

"Last year we removed silt and fat from the main sewer at Yorkersgate which should improve the flow through the Wheelgate area. This will be done again to make sure there is no further restrictions in the sewer that may cause odour.

“And this week we will start work at our pumping station in Lascelles Lane which feeds into this section of sewer to improve the flow further and install an odour control system.

"We appreciate that this is causing a great deal of concern for residents and we will continue to do everything possible to complete our work as quickly as possible."

Ryedale District Council said that they would work with Yorkshire Water and North Yorkshire County Council to find a solution.

Eric said: "It would be an awful shame if Malton was associated with the smell of the drains in summer. I am hoping for Yorkshire Water and our local authorities to work together to come up with a proper solution regarding the drains and not a temporary quick fix."