FITZWILLIAM Malton Estate has submitted plans to Ryedale District Council for a retail development in part of the town’s livestock market area.

The King’s Head Yard, located to the rear of the King’s Head pub, will provide a link between the Market Place and the retail redevelopment of the Malton livestock market site.

At the same time, new retail space will be created to extend the interiors shop, 9 to 11, in the Market Place.

Roddy Bushell, estate manager for Fitzwilliam Malton Estate, which owns the site, said: “This is part of the work we are doing to move from outline to full detailed planning consent for the retail redevelopment of the livestock market site.

“King’s Head Yard will become a superb link between a new food hall store planned for the livestock market site and the existing retailers in Malton’s Market Place. The King’s Head Yard has to be done first because if it’s left until later, the builders might have to tramp through Waitrose or Booths to build it.”

Meanwhile, Malton town councillors have asked members of the Fitzwilliam Estate to attend a meeting to detail their plans for the new livestock market at Old Malton.

Councillors say residents have a number of concerns about the proposal, including the threat of flooding to Old Malton and traffic congestion.

Councillor Martin Dales said that the estate’s plans had gone on show at an exhibition just before Christmas, but many people had not known about it, or were not invited to see it.

“Yet the developer seeked to think that most people who did attend were in favour of their ideas,” he said.

The estate has been asked to attend a special meeting of the town council next month to outline the development plans to councillors.