PICKERING Town chairman Wayne Taylor has called for the Premier League to provide financial support for the non-league amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Every league below Step Two in the non-league saw their seasons expunged in March, with Pickering among the many clubs to have missed out on revenue from their remaining games.

Some have called for the Premier League, who are returning to the pitch behind closed doors later this month, to help those clubs in divisions below them.

Speaking to the club’s website, Taylor was asked whether the top-flight should support those in non-league.

He replied: “Yes without a doubt, the amount of money required to help sustain the financial wellbeing of clubs would be minimal, compared with the many millions the Premiership generate and remember the good that many clubs do at our level with their local communities.”

Taylor is also hopeful of a restructuring from the Football Association (FA), given that the Pikes’ travel bills was around £9,000 last term.

He said: “I do feel strongly that the FA and the leagues will have to look at some form of restructuring, travelling the distances that some of the clubs do at all levels is just not sustainable, and I also feel that the clubs need to be communicated with more on this subject than they are at present.”

On the challenges of the Northern Premier League, where Pickering will play a third straight season next term, Taylor said: “Administratively there has been much more to do.

“We also knew that we had certain things to do regarding ground grading, including updating the changing rooms.

“All of this was achieved within the designated time scale, although I was a little disappointed with the League at times, in that, in our case, they were never they prepared to deviate from the stated deadline dates.

“Yet I am fully aware that for some clubs that has not been the case and deadlines have been extended. I do feel that there has to be consistency for all.”

Speaking on the future of the club, he said: “I have always been a glass half full person, and although we are in difficult times at present I am excited by the future.

“I know the last two seasons have been challenging, but I am sure our recent collaboration with Brooklyn will be of huge benefit and I will look to expand on this in the near future.”