THREE daring Pickering Running Club runners tackled the Montane Lakeland 50.

Early on Saturday the trio set off to take on perhaps one of the greatest trail ultra challenges in Europe.

The route includes over 3,000 metres of ascent on rough terrain from the northern end of Ullswater and passes by Haweswater, Ambleside and Langdale before a final climb and descent to finish in Coniston, along paths often ignored by the tourists.

The challengers have 24 hours to finish the demanding route and must also do so unsupported and while navigating themselves round, which can prove tricky in the dark.

There are six feed stations along the way to make sure the competitors stay safe and hydrated.

Simon Jones showed his strength and determination to finish in 47th place (out of a field of nearly 1,000) in a superb time of just under 10 hours - in 9 hours and 57 minutes.

It was a good training event for his mountain race on the continent later in the year.

Club-mate Simon Rycroft had another fantastic race to complete the course in nine seconds under 11 hours - one hour quicker than his target time – and smiled all the way round.

Philly Hare’s race did not get off to the best start after she was felled by a rogue canine but some nasty bruises did not deter her from toeing the start line.

Although the weather left something to be desired, Hare was wowed by stupendous views across moors, fields and water.

The preparation paid dividends as earlier reccies meant Hare could keep to the correct paths, particularly as night fell and the rain came down.

Philly was rewarded with a sunrise lighting up her final miles across a rocky path to the finish.

Her time was a fantastic 20 hours and 1 minute with a few nasty blisters to show for it.