Rishi Sunak has suggested the Government could intervene on energy bills before the autumn, if by the end of the summer it appears they will rise in October.

This comes after the Chancellor's Spring Statement yesterday (Wednesday, March 23) in which he implemented some measures to try and combat this as well as the cost of the living crisis and rising petrol prices.

Mr Sunak announced that he would be removing VAT on materials such as solar panels, heat pumps and insulation as well as doubling the Household Support Fund to £1 billion.

When appearing on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Mr Sunak was asked if the Government would intervene on energy bills if they looked set to rise again before October.

Gazette & Herald: Sunak delivering his Spring Statement yesterday (House of Commons/PA)Sunak delivering his Spring Statement yesterday (House of Commons/PA)

He said: “Yes, of course we’ll have to see where we are by the autumn and it’s right for people to recognise that they are protected between now and the autumn because of the price cap.”

Pressed on whether that meant yes, he will intervene before October, Mr Sunak said: “I always keep everything under review, and the Government, as it’s shown over the past two years, is always responsive to what’s happening.

“But I would say with energy prices, you know, they are very volatile, and I don’t think you, I or anyone else has any certainty about what will happen in October right now.”