BBC Three's new show Mood follows wannabe singer Sasha as she fights with her ex and gets kicked out by her family leaving her to find her own way. 

Along the way, Sasha meets Carly who reveals a whole new world to the wannabe singer. 

The show is described as 'Fleabag for the influencer generation' with the world of followers and social media and the forefront of the main cast's minds. 

Mood was created by Nicôle Lecky who came to fame following her stage monologue SUPERHOE which was later adapted into a six-part television series.

Now Lecky stars in her show Mood as the lead role of Sasha. 

BBC Three Mood Cast List: 

  • Sasha-Nicôle Lecky
  • Carly- Lara Peake
  • Laura- Jessica Hynes
  • Anton- Jordan Duvigneau
  • Saleem- Mohamed Moses Dalmar
  • Curtis- Jason York
  • Kobi- Jordan Myrie
  • Abi- Chantelle Alle
  • Melrose- Florence Flo Wilson
  • Perry- Jahmar Taylor

How to watch Mood:

Mood is on BBC Three every Tuesday evening at 10pm and on BBC One on Wednesdays at 10.35pm.

Plus you can watch all episodes now on BBC iPlayer.