This Sunday (February 27) the final series of Peaky Blinders airs on BBC and fans are already on the edge of their seat waiting for the return of Tommy Shelby. 

Over the period drama's six series, the gangster family has battled a lot from rags to riches, to family loss and full-out wars. 

The show is famously set in Small Health of Birmingham in the 1920s and in recent years the show has been filmed around the northwest in Manchester and Liverpool. 

The latest series has kept the tradition with a film crew and stars spotted all across the country during last summer. 

If you're a Peaky Blinders fan and want to visit the locations- then we've saved you a job as we've found all the filing locations of the latest series. 

Where was Peaky Blinders filmed?

Small Health-

Castlefield was transformed into Small Heath thanks to its cobbled streets, atmospheric canals, and bridges. 

Direct Anthony Byrne picked the location himself saying in a post on Instagram that it "was a place I walked to every day during the first lockdown and had the idea of turning this extraordinary location into the world of Peaky."

When not being used as a filming location Castlefield is a popular spot for bars and restaurants. 

China Town-

The new series will see Tommy Shelby visit China Town from some tense and key scenes. 

Castlefield was also the spot for the set of China Town, where production teams built sets of bars and created a 1930s China Town in Manchester. 

Tommy's Mansion- 

The Shelby manor is in the grand home of Arley Hall and Gardens near Northwich in Cheshire. 

Used as the dramatic backdrop for Tommy as he walks around the grounds with his large machine gun, the hall hosts an impressive example of the family's success. 

The interior of the home is also used in the production and fans can even visit the estate and see the libraries and dining room used. 

The Church-

Tommy is a regular to visiting the Church to amends his sins and reflect on his actions. 

The Church used in the series is the stunning Liverpool Catherdral is known for its stunning stained glassed window, the famous Te Deum.

The Political Rally-

The rally is filmed over a few nights at St George's Hall in Liverpool and will be used as the destination for the British Union of Fascists to clash with the Shelby family. 

Watch the new series of Peaky Blinders on February 27 at 9pm on BBC.