A recent study has found that major supermarket Asda has been named the UK's cheapest online supermarket

With Asda having a shopping basket averagely £6.07 cheaper than fellow top brand Sainsbury's. 

The news comes after a study carefully tracked each online retailer's prices for 42 items on a weekly basis, in which they found Asda to champion as the cheapest once again. 

With the typical Asda shopping basket costing £107.48 and runner-up Sainsbury's holding an average basket of £113.55. 

Gazette & Herald: Asda has the cheapest shopping basket. (PA)Asda has the cheapest shopping basket. (PA)

The research also looked into the price changes across the month of October and found that there were no dramatic cost movements and instead of rises there were actually more price reductions. 

With fruit in supermarket Morrisons starting the month at 89p and within two weeks dropping by 10p to 79p. 

As well as the cost of wine in Morrisons staring at £6.75 at the being of the month and dropping to £5.57 for the rest of the month.

The study found that price changes are most common in the middle of the month for most stores.