On Friday morning a series of banks and online shops have been reported as down on Down Detector.

Customers are reportedly unable to log into banking or get online, we’ve listed below who has a reported outage and what has been confirmed.


Santander have reported outages on down detector which they have confirmed on its UK help Twitter account.

Noting that several customers have had problems logging on, they suggest to try switching from data to WIFI or vice versa. Or, try un-install and re-install the app again.


TSB have confirmed outages on Twitter. They have stressed regular payments are unaffected and customers can still make and receive payments from their accounts.


NatWest have confirmed via Twitter replies that they are having service issues.

Customers are reporting having issues with logging into the banking app and online banking.

First Direct

First Direct have also acknowledged outages on Twitter. Responding to customers who are struggling to log in to banking, they are suggesting switching from data to Wi-Fi or vice versa.


Sky confirmed outages this morning on twitter. According to Down Detector, 95% of reported issues were related to broadband. A Sky spokesperson said: “We have resolved the issue with Sky Broadband. Customers should be able to access websites and apps as normal. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.”


Customers are reporting struggles with connection when attempting to access NOW-TV today. They have responded on Twitter confirming they are having VPN issues and are working on fixing it.

The following websites are also reported as having outages on Down Detector however they have not yet been confirmed.

• Ebay

• Virgin Media

• Booking.com

• Call of Duty