I READ with interest the response from Syd Smith of Malton to the article in the Gazette & Herald on March 16 about a proposed housing development in Pickering.

Strip away the pompous name calling and Mr Smith raises some important questions. What can be done to encourage industry in Ryedale? Where are our young people to live?

Mr Smith is clearly unaware that the development is opposed not only by existing residents of Pickering but also by the owners of the factories around the proposed site. If the plan was to go ahead then the young residents would become the ‘nimbys’.

When the factories want to expand, to make more noise, or to work all night, these changes will be vociferously opposed. This is why the factory owners are worried and if they are worried it will send a clear message to future potential investors; “don’t come to Ryedale”. Then where are our youngsters going to work and live?

So Mr Smith has raised some good points but I would pick him up on one thing. He believes that anyone who disagrees with him should go to live on a small island. As a matter of fact we do all live on a small island but it is not so small that we can’t strike the right balance between finding good places for people to live and good locations to let industry prosper.

Alan and Val Collinson, Pickering.