IN answer to Emma Brooksbanks’s letter, Gazette, April 13, when I made views on the Neighbourhood Plan known to the Gazette, the plan had already been made public.

As a Malton ward councillor, it was my duty and my right to comment and give a lead to the community on such matters. This is what I did and I see no reason to apologise.

In my comments to the paper, I made it clear that there are differences between Ryedale’s vision of Malton/Norton as set out in Ryedale’s new LDF, and those set out in the draft Neighbourhood Plan. It is important that these differences are recognised and understood by the public.

Ryedale’s LDF gives the impression of a vision of Malton/Norton as a vastly-expanded settlement with an urban sprawl. I believe the Neighbourhood Plan provides a different vision which many readers will find more appropriate to a country market town in a rural setting.

Having said this, there is also much in the plan which is consistent and compatible with Ryedale’s LDF.

The Neighbourhood Plan will soon go out to public consultation. As I understand, the public will be invited to comment not only on the policy options identified in this plan, but also on a whole range of alternative policy options, including those identified in Ryedale’s LDF.

Those of us who have been involved with the Neighbourhood Plan have spent many long hours preparing documents, including much discussion and debate.

I thoroughly recommend the document we have produced, and hope as many people as possible will take part in the consultation and give their views.

Paul Andrews, Great Habton