The news that Clarissa Dickson Wright has been convicted for her involvement in illegal hare coursing should act as a timely reminder that this barbaric activity could become legal again in the UK if some candidates in the forthcoming General Election have their way.

The Conservative Party has promised a free vote on repeal of the Hunting Act if it gets in to power, and not only will this allow fox hunting to be carried out legally, but it will also bring back the coursing of hares for sport.

The Liberal Democrats, on the other hand, have said that repeal of the Hunting Act is “not on their agenda”, and Labour is proposing stricter enforcement of the Act.

Coursing involves two dogs chasing and killing hares while spectators bet on the outcome of various aspects of the chase and kill. What is a sure bet though is that the hare will suffer both before and during the event.

So, as we move towards the next General Election it is worth asking your candidate their view on repeal and asking yourself, do you trust a politician who supports the killing and torturing of wild animals for sport?

Joshua Kaile, Parliamentary and Political Officer, League Against Cruel Sports