I write to correct an inaccurate report which appeared on the front page of last week’s Gazette & Herald.

Your report incorrectly stated that the Ryedale District Council met on Thursday, May 21, to vote on whether to approve the Local Development Framework (LDF). This is not the case.

The council approved, with one amendment, the four recommendations of the council’s Policy & Resources Committee (see previous letter).

The amendment was: For the purposes of clarity, the council notes that the strategy will not be a policy for the purposes of planning decisions.

Whether or not any of the recommendation in the strategy become part of the council’s policy is a matter which will be considered as part of the LDF process.

You will note, in the context of the Malton Town Centre Strategy, that members agreed that its findings be endorsed and taken forward for consideration and further consultation as part of the emerging Local Development Framework.

The council’s forward planning team is shortly about to commence a significant consultation exercise on June 16, 2009, and it is important, therefore, that your readers are informed that the council has not made any final decisions on the policies which will be contained in the new Core Strategy and associated Development Plan Documents.

G Housden, Head of planning, Ryedale District Council