It’s good to know there will be ‘No stone unturned in pursuit of justice’ by our MP Kevin Hollinrake (Gazette 10 Jan), one of many people who have previously tried hard to bring justice to right the appalling and widespread wrongs of the Post Office/Fujitsu Horizon scandal and the proven crimes of fraud, perjury and perverting the course of justice by senior managers.

Speaking as someone who has been horrified by this issue for several years, I’m one of many looking on in wonder as decades of lies, denial, delay and glacial progress for justice have been turned to frenetic activity in a matter of weeks by the ITV dramatisation. Strange when no new evidence has since come to light. Could this sudden urgency be solely based on the newly found political risk created from massed national outrage?

It’s also strange that £3.6billion in public contracts have been awarded to Fujitsu since the damning December 2019 court ruling, all under Rishi Sunak’s tenure as Chancellor or PM.

I can only conclude that for the vast majority of cases, we have three levels of justice. 1: For the people who cannot afford it. 2: For the people who can afford it. 3: For the people with power and money who can afford whatever it takes to beat the rest. No. 3 clearly includes government-controlled bodies, using our money.

I suspect the PO/Fujitsu scandal could be a rare exception, but for most others, e.g. the banking crisis, Grenfell and Hillsborough, it’ll be business as usual in terms of convictions for the real crooks, unless there’s a major overhaul of genuine, independent and effective scrutiny. I won’t hold my breath.

Mike Potter, Pickering