It saddens the toughest of souls at times at how far we progressed thanks to technology when everything conversation-wise is done at the touch of a screen and button, therefore robbing us of the common sense needed to avoid tetchy situations without it falling into a case of tit-for-tat.

In the real world, we often agree to disagree without the need for folk to fall out over insignificant matters often eclipsed by much greater problems more important than the need to publicly slander a person or a business because one felt hard done by without taking into consideration what happens next.

This is why I feel these admin run moan groups in our midst representing local matters like Pickering, Thornton le Dale , Malton and beyond don’t make us look good.

It allows local businesses to be put on trial by social media without realising it could have a detrimental effect on their capacity to serve the towns’ inhabitants needs for a good night out food and drink wise not helped by the rise in the costs of living which has saw many businesses shut shop for good.

So if anybody has any common sense, refrain from making complaints public on Facebook when you can easily just see the owners of the businesses in question.

Put in your complaints and concerns directly.

That way, whatever has happened would be a learning curve for them to not allow it to happen again in the future.

As those who groan will moan the loudest when they are shut for good, which means having to go beyond to another place just for a night out and a meal where it will cost more either in taxi fares or petrol.

Robert Smith, Pickering.