The privatised water companies are sorry.

Sorry for being caught after many years of deliberate illegal sewage dumping to maximise profits (yes ILLEGAL - sewage is a controlled waste)?

Sorry for the eventual public outcry that caught them out?

Sorry for destroying so many valuable ecosystems?

Sorry for the impact on the NHS of illnesses of swimmers, surfers etc?

Sorry for the pathetic state of the EA’s neutered and politicised monitoring and enforcement process?

Sorry for significantly increasing customer bills when privatised to pay for improved infrastructure, then giving it to management and shareholders instead (a mere £72 billion since privatisation)?

Sorry for claiming in 2018 to be investing £50bn to upgrade infrastructure, then not doing so?

Sorry for having to now charge customers for the second time to only cut spills by a third over the next 7 years?

Sorry for the pathetic government that have done nothing in 13 years to stop their illegality, yet appear awfully keen to make all protest and asylum illegal?

Or just not sorry at all and lying to us all over again? The two-faced cynicism of unfettered and uncontrolled capitalism.

Mike Potter Pickering