MP Kevin Hollinrake (Gazette letters, June 21) promises to continue campaigns he has started in his constituency, including improvements on the A64, support for jobs, farming and fishing industries, improved mobile coverage, faster broadband, fairer funding for schools health service and transport infrastructure for the years ahead.

How strange that Mr Hollinrake fails to mention his support for the intended fracking industry planned for his constituency. It poses the biggest changes this area has ever had and yet he makes no reference to it. Is it because fracking is as unpopular here as in other parts of the country where it is being forced upon communities? It was never discussed by the Conservative Party in the General Election and it has been omitted from the Queen’s Speech.

I assume that this insidious industry has not gone away, but is being slowly introduced throughout the country through the back door, with ongoing easing of legislation, away from the media.

A fairer deal for this region, Mr Hollinrake, would be no pollution, clean air, fresh water and unspoilt countryside, none of which will survive if the industrial scale of fracking that is planned by the Conservative government is allowed to progress.

Anne Nightingale, Helmsley

Good news

I WANTED to wait until after the Queen’s Speech before thanking all those who voted Ukip in Thirsk & Malton at the General Election.

I also want to congratulate all the other candidates, not least Kevin Hollinrake, on a civilised and positive campaign which has done our constituency proud.

During the election the mantra repeated by many voters was “Isn’t Ukip’s job done?” Now that the Queen’s Speech is behind us the answer must be: “Yes, at least for the next two years.”

The Fisheries Bill should allow our 200-mile North Sea Exclusive Economic Zone to be reclaimed, the Agriculture Bill should reassure our farmers, the Immigration Bill should help secure our borders and the Trade Bill should create export opportunities around the World.

The CBI has announced that British exports have just hit a 22-year record, while order books are at their highest since 1988, so the magic of Brexit is working. Ukip’s duty must now be to support the three gifted Brexiteers, David Davis, Liam Fox and Boris Johnson, in their historic task.

As well as the export boom in British manufactures, the General Election brought more good news. The Union has been immeasurably strengthened with the tiresome SNP pushed back to its Highland base and the DUP making solid progress in Ulster. An independent, outward-looking Britain trading freely around the world is in sight.

And one last piece of good news on which everyone will agree is that we don’t need another General Election for five years. So despite everything the result contains much that is good both for Thirsk & Malton and for the whole country.

Toby Horton, chairman of Ukip Thirsk & Malton

Successful raffle

RYEDALE Carers Support had another successful raffle which raised a fantastic £976.

Many thanks to Helmsley Walled Garden, Dalby Forest, Essential Health and Beauty by Nicola Atkinson, Scampston Walled Garden, Castle Howard, Beck Isle Museum, the Palace Cinema, the Forest & Vale Hotel, The Chocolate Factory, North Yorkshire Moors Railway, The National Trust at Nunnington Hall and Rievaulx Terrace, Derventio Wines at Tate-Smith Ltd, Ryedale Folk Museum, The Queen’s Head at Amotherby, the New Malton Restaurant and The White Swan in Pickering.

Thanks also to Pickering Co-op who let us sell raffle tickets and to the carers and volunteers who helped make it such a successful event.

The lucky winners were Mrs A Pennock, Mrs C Wren, Mrs E Burgess, Mrs M Evans, Mrs E Colley, Mrs K Arthur, Mrs M Attinson, Mrs M Ellerby, Mrs P Lamb, Mr I Haste, Mr M Bryant, Mrs V Howard, Mrs L Goulden, Mr D Hall, Mrs King, Mrs M Wilson, Mrs E Towell, Mrs P Jones and Mr D Witty.

Claire Hall, chief officer, Ryedale Carers Support

I’m one of majority

THERE have been a number of letters in the Gazette which strongly supported fracking and they stated this must be the population’s majority view of this process because so many voted Conservative.

I was one of this “majority”, but I certainly don’t think fracking will be beneficial to this (Ryedale) area (or to other areas of the UK).

I am a chartered engineer who has designed and overseen the construction of many forms of water treatment plant, including deep boreholes. Not as deep as fracking wells, but I do know that boreholes are not drill and forget structures. Some do fail.

However, water leaking into the environment is not the problem that the “fracked” fluids will be. I also have a major concern regarding the future when I understand that at some point the landowner becomes responsible for the well(s) on his property. The cost of rectifications should they be required could well be beyond the landowners’ resources. It will then certainly become the taxpayers’ problem.

The wells should be owned in perpetuity by the companies who constructed and benefited from selling the products from the wells. It may even induce them to exert more care with the construction.

W Midgley, Thornton-le-Dale