WITH County Council elections last week and a General Election in a few weeks, as voters, we need to carefully consider who and what we are voting for.

We need to think about the future of Ryedale and how we would like it to be for generation to come.

Ryedale is under the biggest threat we have ever had from industrialisation.

The Conservative government is set to push forward the unconventional shale gas industry (fracking) in this country and particularly in Ryedale.

Most of our countryside is covered in licences (Petroleum Exploration Development Licences), which have been bought by Third Energy, Cuadrilla, Igas, and INEOS.

These companies will be seeking planning permission for licences in the coming months and years, and if successful, we are looking at huge scale industrial development for our area.

The elections offer us a huge opportunity to vote for change.

We live in a very special, unspoiled rural part of North Yorkshire including moorland and coast. Please vote to keep it this way.

Anne Nightingale, Helmsley

Day to remember

AMAZING, enthralling, astounding.

Cheering people lined the streets, schoolchildren were excused lessons, residents draped bunting from their houses, the town looked splendid and the event was covered live on national TV and radio.

Friday, April 28, 2017, will be long remembered by the people of Malton and Norton.

Just in case you missed it, we had our first day without roadworks for what seems like an eternity.

Oh, and the Tour De Yorkshire passed through as well.

Peter Walker, Amotherby

Protect our land

RECENTLY,while drinking coffee in a Pickering cafe, I got into conversation with two retired teachers who were on holiday here.

They told me they had been visiting this area for more than 20 years because, in their opinion, it was the most beautiful part of England.

I enquired if they knew about the fracking industry and they said that they did.

When I told them that Ryedale and large parts of Yorkshire are being targeted by fracking, they were shocked.

They could not understand why such a beautiful place would be ruined by this ugly industry and sadly,they said if Yorkshire becomes a gas field, they would not visit again.

Therefore, we all must protect OUR land from this unnecessary invasion from the fracking industries before it’s too late.

Sue Cuthbert, Newton-on-Rawcliffe

May Day success

THE sun shone and the wind dropped as tired people streamed home from Slingsby on May Day Monday, May 1.

For two days the village had buzzed with people walking round the scarecrow trail and enjoying tea or coffee.

Then on May Day itself, the day started with a car boot sale followed by a full programme on the green - Swinton Brass Band, then Malton School jazz band, and while they caught their breath, there was traditional dancing round the maypole with the children of Slingsby Primary School and Morris dancing with Minster Stray dancers.

The children danced faultlessly weaving the ribbons round the pole and more importantly undoing them, performing the five traditional dances; they were joined by the younger dancers who did three folk dances learned in their PE lessons. Teas were available, also pulled pork sandwiches as well as numerous stalls and games.

Thank you to all who came and enjoyed the weekend, but especially to all the helpers who helped to make the weekend such a success.

Pat Thompson, Slingsby