MY wife suffered a return of sarcoma cancer in her right upper leg after 17 years which settled in the femur as osteosarcoma and necessitated a complete leg amputation which was undertaken at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham which is the national centre for sarcoma cancer. It is known as a hip-disarticulation.

Living with only one leg and in a wheelchair for life presents many challenges in the home not the least of which is dressing and showering and also outside of the home where there are steps.

It is fair to say we have received the most expert help from the CRT attached to Malton Hospital. Their care, concern, advice, encouragement and love is amazing and we are so lucky here in Malton to have such a facility available on the NHS.

The whole staff are a wonderful group of people with complete dedication to getting the patient well and able to cope and nothing is too much trouble for them to this end target.

We would like to record our complete appreciation and grateful thanks for their devoted help to the whole team of general staff workers, nurses and orthopaedic specialists who between them have shown that a traumatic, even brutal, experience of such an operation need not be the final word.

Let’s hope nothing is changed with this young facility (two years old or so) and that it continues to thrive for years to come.

It is a facility that is not available to most places in the country and we should be pleased to know it is available to us in this area.

Royce and Janet Bates, Malton


Correspond with us

WITH the North Yorkshire County Council elections coming up, it really is time to consider what the people we elect stand for.

In the past I have to admit I have never really taken any interest in politics, but having become increasingly worried about our countryside and wildlife, with regard to fracking, I have come to see that those who have said they want to represent me, should at the very least answer emails and letters.

Some candidates think they will sail through, because they always have, but surely with so much at stake, the industrialisation of our countryside, we need whoever has been elected, to at least be prepared to correspond with those who vote them in, whatever their concerns.

Anne Stewart, Helmsley


Appeal for woman

I WAS in Malton recently looking in the window of an estate agent for a house as I am moving back to England after 30 years of living in Canada.

I was fortunate enough to meet a lovely elderly lady who lives in Malton who was with her daughter who was also looking at possible properties as she was contemplating a move up to the area from London. They were both lovely people with a mutual love of the area, dogs, good food, etc.

We had a very nice lengthy chat about our spaniels, the area and other things. They were very nice people. I was sorry later that even though they had asked my name, I was remiss in asking theirs and I also wish I had asked them if they would go for tea or coffee with me at one of the nice local cafes to further our conversation.

I can only think now that the only option for me is to request that you please publish my letter in the hopes that one of them, or a local friend of the elderly lady reads this and is willing to contact me for a future meeting once I am back in England in July. I am hoping to move back here permanently this fall or winter and would love to be able to trace them and meet them again.

My email is

Anthony Close, Canada


Jewel in the crown

CONGRATULATIONS to Ryedale Youth Theatre and Kirkham Henry Performing Arts for their splendid production of Beauty And The Beast.

It was wonderful to see and hear the enthusiasm of all who took part in what was an excellent, professional production.

Many thanks to all who supported the hard work which contributed to the success of the musical, particularly the band, the artists who built and painted the scenery, the ladies who made the brilliant costumes and the front of house and other staff who supported the show.

It was great to see how the stage of the Milton Rooms can be adapted and the stage extended to accommodate a large caste, particularly the clever way the band was concealed behind the scenery. The Milton Rooms is a jewel in Malton’s crown. It has fantastic potential which is not often fully appreciated. Beauty And The Beast showed our old, historic, art deco theatre at its very best.

Councillor Paul Andrews, Mayor of Malton