FRACKING is an issue I realise, but we must also be very concerned at the disgusting state of our roadside verges.

The grass verges and hedge bottoms are festooned with drink cans, plastic bottles, beverage takeaway containers, crisp packets, plastic bags and the list goes on.

The vast majority of this must have been thrown from passing vehicles. Who are these slovenly slobs who can’t be bothered to take their rubbish home and dispose of it properly?

Why must we council tax-payers (already hard pressed) fund the collection of litter by these throw away yobs?

The agricultural industry also needs to clean up its act too, as our hedgerows also contain a considerable quantity of their plastic waste.

What can be done? A tax on these thrown away items could be imposed to help pay for the clean up. Six points on their driving licence and a heavy fine for people caught throwing away rubbish from their vehicles.

Using people on community service to help clean up the rubbish and, of course, training young people to put their rubbish in the litter bins. These are a few of the measures I suggest to tackle the problem. Has any body got any other good ideas?

This problem of roadside litter isn’t going to go away, something needs to done to protect our beautiful countryside from these thoughtless people. Most of these items thrown away won’t degrade and will be with us for centuries.

W Tait, Helmsley

Impressed by camp

I AM writing in response to the letters about the Kirby Misperton camp.

Let us first be clear, they operate within the law and work with the appropriate authorities to respectfully facilitate their right to protest.

The camp is surprisingly well organised, as anyone who visits will happily testify. If anyone has concerns then please visit before drawing conclusions.

There are, of course, ongoing issues to be resolved, that’s the harsh reality of their predicament.

They work hard to resolve these issues, while living on an unused sodden field in the harsh Ryedale winter, enduring mud, rain and low temperatures.

Parking issues are being addressed as much as is practically possible, and although general site hygiene is high, a litter picking and roadside tidy operation has been organised to ensure the camp is always striving to be an asset to the local community.

We must remember why after nearly three years of battling the camp has an important reason to exist, a large local mandate; it is a hub of information, tea and cake, and has now become the physical manifestation of our democratic resistance.

Which will affect tourism, farming and our regional economy and landscape more?

A temporary camp in one field and 100 yards of banners, with a strong local mandate, community support and financial bond. Or, 10 years of heavy industry and pollution, with an unfunded legacy.

I am local and proud to support the protecters, and am impressed by their diligence, hardiness and resolve in difficult conditions.

D Chapman, Kirkbymoorside

Tackle parking

WHAT a great story and picture about the traffic in Horsemarket Road, in Malton. Good to see parents, councillors and Angela Kirkham standing up against the speeders.

Maybe the picture should have been taken a little more to the left and see the cars blocking the footpath, parking on double yellow lines, or taken from their side and see the cars parked on the corner, so if you are driving into Malton, you have to go over to the other side of the road into oncoming traffic.

While I agree with the comments on speeding, stop people parking illegally, because there will be an accident because of their parking.

And maybe they should demand that the cars are given parking tickets for parking illegally, this will make it safer or everyone.

Mark Webster, Norton

Korea request

WITH reference to a previous request from the Republic of South Korea requesting names of all surviving veterans who served in the Korean campaign.

I have received many emails, letters, and telephone messages questioning the request, but I can assure those with any doubts that it is a legitimate request and not a scam.

Should those with doubts in their minds be having second thoughts after reading my assurance, please contact myself, with full name and address, telephone number and, if any, an email address, stating which of the Armed Forces they served with, time spent in Korea.

For those using postal service, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope for any replies required as this is all done voluntarily.

My contact details are as follows.

Ken Keld, 2 Penton Road, Cayton, Scarborough, YO11 3TQ, 01723 585912, email