HAVING read your headline article (Gazette & Herald, February 1) I thought I should contact you in support of haulier Andrew Wilson.

At the time of the approval for the Brambling Fields junction being finalised I advised North Yorkshire County Council officers that it wouldn’t solve the traffic and pollution problems in Malton.

My solution was, and still is, that to take excess traffic out of Malton requires a suitable access to the bypass at York Road, Broughton Road and Brambling Fields.

A roundabout at Low Hutton/A64 junction would cure York Road. A four-way access (four slip roads - two on, two off) would take through traffic from Helmsley, Thirsk, etc on to the A64.

A roundabout at Scagglethorpe would have cleared the problem at Brambling Fields. The latter is not required. I estimate the cost would have been no more in total if adequately managed would have been no more than the £6 million allocated for Brambling Fields.

The closing of Norton railway crossing to vehicles over 7.5 tonnes is not the answer. Internal traffic between Norton and Malton need a better way of access.

There have been in the past, proposals for relief roads to both east and west of this crossing without any result. Such possible alternative routes have been sacrificed by allowing house building in the way as in the Broughton Road development which has gone very close to the bypass.

Lance Thompson, Crambe Traffic options HOW right Murray Naylor is in questioning Highways England’s plans for a flyover at the Hopgrove.

Allegedly £9m was squandered on the refurbishment of the roundabout. Any future money available should be spend on relieving the bottle necks by dualling the road.

I also agree with Andrew Wilson’s comments on the York Road in Malton.

When the bypass was built around Malton, no thought was given for traffic coming to or from the east, as a result traffic has three options: 1 Go back though Malton; 2 Go to the lay-by at the Low Hutton turning, turn round and go across to the eastbound side of the road; or 3 Do a U-turn at the end of the by-pass (illegal, but done regularly).

Susan Hide, Huttons Ambo

Principles please

IT would be interesting to know what the thoughts of our MP Kevin Hollinrake are regarding the rushed visit of Theresa May to meet Donald Trump given the disgraceful, divisive and increasingly volatile actions which he has promoted since becoming President which he then tries to justify by a torrent of tweets.

Given the extreme political rhetoric that he voiced during the presidential campaign, would it not have been more advisable and statesmanlike for Mrs May to have waited to see whether these would be tempered as I believe they do not chime with the views of most decent UK citizens, whatever a majority of American voters think?

Or was the urgency of her unfortunate visit an attempt to mitigate the hard Brexit that she is being forced to follow by right wing MPs and which will most probably lead to tears in two years time to the great detriment of the UK economy as the UK leaves the Customs Union and Single Market?

There comes a point when principles have to take precedence over political expedience, “the special relationship” notwithstanding.

John Strudwick, Myton on Swale

Splendid party

ON Saturday, January 28, the 69th Norton on Derwent Seniors Party was held at Norton College.

A record number of residents enjoyed a most splendid meal prepared by Sarah Frankish and her loyal helpers.

Entertainment was provided by young members of Dance Expression, who were excellent, as well as the White Rose Jazz Band, who kept toes tapping with their infectious music and dubious humour.

I wish to thank our MP Kevin Hollinrake for his attendance on the day. Without his financial support, together with the Rotary Club, Lions, Bright Steels and the town council, this event would not be possible.

Thank you to Norton College for the use of their facilities and for friends, clerks and council members who assisted both before and on the day.

We look forward to seeing everyone again for the 70th anniversary in 2018.

Ray King, mayor of Norton Town Council

Polished panto

I WOULD like to congratulate Malton and Norton Musical Theatre for their fabulous pantomime.

It was a very polished performance by a young cast.

The acting and the humour was superb; the music and dancing was excellent.

Well done, and thanks for all the hard work which has gone into this performance.

Paul Andrews, mayor of Malton