WITH the pantomime season well and truly here, it appears the depth of ineptitude of the faceless hierarchy at North Yorkshire highways knows no bounds.

A new priority system has appeared at the junction of Church Street, Welham Road, County Bridge and Norton Road with no forewarning.

It is causing much confusion to motorists who are unsure as to who has right of way and the effect reverberates along the surrounding streets in the form of long tailbacks.

Where was the signage informing us what was about to happen?

Are these the same people that called the contractors to resurface the footpath and paint the railings of County Bridge at the same time as the Church Street works? Along with the stop/go lights in Wold Street.

Finally, to cap it all, the paving slabs that were poorly laid in the first instance were reset by a larger workforce than originally.

Next time these people that purport to serve the inhabitants of North Yorkshire should visit the proposed works and consult with local people that actually live and work in the area and listen to their concerns before instilling more than a little inconvenience and mayhem on our roads and footpaths.

All this is occurring at the only crossing that we have between our two burgeoning towns.

A phone call to Northallerton assured me that I was not the only complainant and that someone would come back to me to to discuss my concerns, still waiting. Brian Rix would have been very impressed.

Stephen Kowalewicz, Norton

Thanks everyone

ON behalf of Pickering Christmas Lights Group, I would like to thank everyone who helped or attended the switch-on event.

The people of Pickering who contributed to fundraisng, the businesses who gave raffle prizes and the small band of volunteers who make it all happen.

Special thanks are due to Ryedale Lions, Minster Strays Morris Dancers, Pickering Infant School choir, Stape Silver Band, Father Antony, Councillor Joan Lovejoy, the Forestry Commission, Paul Sawdon, John Skaife and John Waind.

The event is changing and it was brilliant to see the Bay Horse and Feast providing street food for the crowds.

Feedback back like “magical”, “the perfect start to Christmas” and “heartwarming” make it all worth while. See you all next year.

William Oxley, Pickering

Can you help?

APPLETON-le-Moors History Group is in the process of writing a book entitled Luminaries of Appleton-le-Moors.

One of the sections concerns Ren Francis C Endecott. His obituary published in the Gazette on August 2, 1957, stated that “He was largely responsible with the late Dr Walsh Tetley for the formation of the East Ryedale Nursing Association”.

I would be grateful if any reader has information on this organisation they could contact me either via the History Group website, email honeystone1@hotmail.co.uk or phone 01751 417160.

Jim Hall, Appleton-le-Moors

Wonderful night

THE Scouts, Cubs and Guides gave us senior citizens a wonderful party last Saturday at Potter Hill Methodist Schoolroom in Pickering.

I just want to say thank you very much to Lynne and Ray Bowman and all their helpers. They freely give a lot of time to training our young people and encouraging their talents.

Thank you all for entertaining and feeding us so well and for the exciting bag of goodies we all received.

They deserve the most support we can give to them all.

Mavis Hollows, Pickering

Charity success

SETTRINGTON and District Interest Group held an antiques evening at the village hall in November in aid of Malton Hospital League of Friends.

Thanks go to all those who donated and who took part in raising £250 for the charity.

Christine Grice, group secretary