I AM writing in praise of the NHS.

I have just been discharged from Malton Hospital and, through your newspaper, I would like to thank the doctors and all the staff for their care, kindness and help.

It is a real privilege to be given that sort of kindness at any time but more so when they are so busy.

When we hear all the awful storeys in the media about neglect in the NHS we are very blessed in Malton to have our hospital and if we want to keep it like that then we have to take some responsibility for it.

We don’t often think about hospitals unless we have to use them. It is a big mistake because anyone may need to use them. No-one is exempt from ill health.

It is often said we pay our tax and it should be free. Yes, we do pay our tax and it is free but extra money is needed to be able to maintain the standard of care we get in Malton and we have to give it.

As a town and also Ryedale we should support the good work that is being done. We could all donate to League of Friends of Malton Hospital at their shop in Newbiggin. It isn’t even out of our way. I am sure that the staff would welcome us. There are boxes at other sites. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money that each of us give but added together it would make such a difference.

Thank you Malton Hospital.

Olga Stevens, Malton

Show you care

WE’RE here to support carers.

Carers Rights Day was held recently. Did you know that every day it is estimated another 6,000 people take on a caring responsibility? That’s why I’d like to tell your readers why we are dedicated to doing all we can to provide a helping hand to those in a caring role.

Over the years, experience has taught us just how steadfast many carers are in their devotion to those they support and it is this which gives them the strength to carry on, day in, day out. But there are times when this can also become a huge barrier, preventing carers from taking time off, even if only for a few days.

At Revitalise - an incredible national charity that provides respite holidays for disabled people and carers - we understand that to enjoy a break to the full, carers must feel secure in the knowledge that their loved one will receive all the care and support they need.

We also know that spending time away from the person they care for can often be far from relaxing, but can increase a carer’s tendency to worry or experience feelings of guilt.

That’s why we offer carers the opportunity to enjoy a break with their loved one, where they are able to relinquish their caring duties and simply enjoy spending time with one another, away from the stresses of every day life.

If you would like to find out about Revitalise, our breaks, ways we can help you, or ways you can help us please call 0303 303 0147 or visit www.revitalise.org.uk. Thank you.

Stephanie Stone, Revitalise

Dickens delight

IT IS great to see the actress Miriam Margolyes in Malton for the Dickens Festival. Few places in Yorkshire can boast such an authentic location and atmosphere.

The stink wafting from the Victorian sewer sets the scene perfectly.

Simon Thackray, Brawby