I AM pleased to see that you are printing many comments about the controversial subject of fracking for shale gas in Ryedale.

A few people have said that they are concerned about it, but would like to see information from more “scientific” sources rather than what they consider “emotive” statements from anti-fracking groups.

Most of the information that these groups use is freely available on the internet from reputable sources (eg “oil and gas wells and their integrity: Implications for shale and unconventional resource exploitation” – Durham University and others).

Those concerned then turn to Third Energy (owned by Barclays bank) for information. I believe the firm has regularly given misleading information about its operations, even to our own MP.

The initial application to drill at Kirby Misperton “sneaked in” the intention to drill down deeper into the Bowland shale layer. The firm’s recent glossy leaflets try to make out that fracking will cause very little disturbance or danger to our environment.

But this, of course, would be just for a test frack. Full-scale fracking would be on a much larger scale and involve many more well heads. The information is out there and I would urge people to check it out for themselves.

Glyn Wild, Swinton