IN April 1924, wealthy Norton resident Sarah Elizabeth Simpson donated the, then enormous, sum of £10,000 to form a charitable trust.

The interest from investment of this money was to be used for “the relief and assistance of any old or infirm or poor and necessitous deserving people in and about New Malton, Malton, Norton and surrounding area”.

It was named the Simpson’s Trust to commemorate “the long and honourable connection Miss Simpson’s family had with Malton and the surrounding neighbourhood”.

The money was invested in 3.5 per cent Consols and the trustees were able to give hundreds of small donations of never more than £1 until the mid 1970s, when it was realised that such small sums were inadequate and inflation had seriously eroded the value of the fund.

The remainder of the fund was then invested more profitably, so that it now generates an income of approximately £1,000 per year.

This, together with some recent very generous donations, has enabled the current trustees to make 42 payments in the past 12 months to organisations and individuals of the order of £50 to £100 each.

Families and individuals who for whatever reason have fallen on hard times have benefitted from the trust, which has been particularly active at Christmas.

Other grants have been made for educational purposes or transport for hospital visits.

Many of the recipients were identified by family support workers who were able to give on-going supervision.

For more details about receiving awards from or making donations to this worthwhile local registered charity, please phone the secretary, Christine Grice, on 01944 768270 or go to

Dr Martin Sleeman, vice-chairman of Simpson’s Trust, Malton