A VERDICT of ‘death by misadventure’ was returned by the North Riding Coroner, Mr J L Whitehead, at an inquest held on George Strickland, aged 53 years, farmer of Manor Farm, Spaunton, who was killed when a plane crashed near the farm.

Mr Strickland, who had been a special constable for over 25 years, was a member of one of Ryedale’s oldest farming families and was in the house with his sister and an evacuee girl at the time the crash occurred.

The explosion which followed the crash did considerable damage to the house and partly demolished the farm buildings.


• TRIMMINGS on the new dresses are so sparse that some women are unearthing the heavily-beaded capes of their great-grandmothers and using the jet to add relief to simple and flat frocks.

For it is a fact that two-seamed skirts and straight bodices tend to give an effect even to the best figures. None but the perfect can afford to discard the discreet aids to form provided by fake pockets, vee-ed waistlines, tucks and pleats and gores.

The metal buttons liberally bestrewing Great Aunt Emily’s bodice would now add a Parisian touch to a plain scarlet frock and the velvet bands of her corsage could be let in, gypsy-fashion, at a hem.

Slots are proper in girls’ dresses, since, after working hours, they can be threaded with taffeta ribbons to give a gay note when dancing.


At the cinema

Castle, Pickering
Tomorrow We Live with John Clements and Hugh Sinclair

Majestic Theatre, Malton
The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp with Anton Malbrook, Roger Livesey and Deborah Kerr.