MEMBERS of a Ryedale family say they are unable to get to work and face social isolation following a cut in bus services.

Donna Marsden and her four children moved to Kirkbymoorside from the north east 18 months ago.

Her eldest daughter, Amy, who is 16, has being looking for work ever since and has now found a job with a mobile burger bar but needs to get a bus to Pickering.

Donna’s teenage son attends the youth club in Pickering and the family has relatives in the town whom they visit on a regular basis.

However, Donna says none of this will now be possible after the last bus back to Kirkbymoorside was changed from 10pm to 6.10pm.

“Amy has been looking for a job since she left school last year and has managed to find work with this mobile van but she needs to make her own way to Pickering to get picked up,” Donna said.

“My older son also uses the bus to go to the town’s youth club as there is nothing for youngsters here in Kirkbymoorside but that finishes at 9pm and we also have relatives in Pickering who I try to visit one night week.”

Donna said that she was also looking for a job but was restricted by the bus service.

She said: “The problem is that none of us drives and until we get a job we can’t afford to learn.

“The Government is encouraging people to find work but when they do they can’t get there.”

Donna added that she was so annoyed with the situation she was standing for Kirkbymoorside Town Council.

“This is the first time I’ve done anything like this but I do feel they need a fresh voice.”

County Coun John Clark, who campaigned against a reduction to rural bus services, said he would continue to do so but feared more families would be affected.

“What impressed me is that there are two people here who want a job and want to work but that is in jeopardy because they can’t get there,” he said.

“We also have children who instead of being able to go to a youth club will be forced to kill time in Kirkbymoorside.

“This is a result of what has been done and will continue to have a huge impact on people.”

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire County Council said a number of services had been withdrawn following a cut in bus subsidies which was approved by the full council in February.

“The services that have been particular affected are those on Sundays, bank holidays and evenings,” the spokesman added.