OWNERS of noisy dogs have been warned to curb their pets following a successful prosecution against two Helmsley men.

Ryedale District Council has issued a warning to all “noisy neighbours” as a result of the case brought by Ryedale District Council at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court.

The court was told that neighbours in Elmsac Road, Helmsley, had endured regular early morning howling and barking by more than 15 dogs since 2008. Complaints to the council resulted in a notice requiring the dog owners to stop the nuisance at the end of 2009. However howling and barking continued throughout last summer.

David Swift and Trevor Speight of Elmsac Road pleaded guilty to five offences of failing to abate the nuisance and were fined £500 each. They were each ordered to pay compensation of £250 to two of their neighbours.

Commenting on the successful prosecution, Phil Long, the council’s head of environment services, said: “I am pleased to see a successful conclusion to this prolonged investigation and welcome the recognition of the seriousness of the offences by Scarborough Magistrates.

“Neighbourhood noise can be very distressing to the parties concerned and in this case resulted in serious and prolonged sleep disturbance.

“Let this be a message to the residents and businesses of Ryedale who cause serious disturbance or nuisance and do not consider the affects on their neighbours.”