THE remains of a medieval badge found by metal detectors on farmland near Old Malton has been declared as treasure.

A treasure trove inquest heard that a rally had been held in the area last April when the gold badge or mount had been found two inches below the surface.

However, in a statement, farmer John Douglas said he had not given permission for anyone to be on his land.

“I received a phone call from a neighbour telling me that there were a lot of people on my land digging holes,” he added.

“I went along and found around 200 people with metal detectors who had come from all over the place.

“I found out that they had been charged to attend a metal detectors’ rally but I had not given permission for anyone to be on my land.”

A report from the British Museum, which examined the item, said it was a gold medieval badge or mount which was damaged.

On one side was a standing figure cradling a baby which was possibly the Virgin and Child while the reverse showed a vase decorated with a cross.

The mount was 23mm in diameter and may have been attached to clothing.

Coroner Michael Oakley declared the item treasure under the Treasure Act 1996.