RYEDALE MP John Greenway left his wife of 30 years to set up home with a blonde company boss, a national newspaper has claimed.

The 58-year-old former Shadow Minister split with wife Sylvia after "owning up to his affair" with mother-of-two Hanneke Dannhorn, the newspaper said.

The Evening Press reported in January that the MP had broken up with Mrs Greenway. He said at the time: "I've nothing more to add. My wife and I agreed that we would make no comment on the matter, but understand that it will be reported."

Yesterday's Sunday Mirror claimed Dutch-born Hanneke, 51, had now moved into Mr Greenway's flat in Kennington, South London.

She is managing director of Brook Green travel group, which organises conferences for executives, and is separated from her husband of 21 years.

Mr Greenway told the Evening Press today: "Why they write this sort of rubbish I just don't know. I've never made any attempt to hide this from people. We've been completely open about it and I've no more comment to make."

Mrs Greenway was unavailable for comment.

Updated: 10:54 Monday, April 05, 2004