THE controversy over the Orange mobile telephone mast at Sheriff Hutton is likely to surface again this week when a report on emissions comes under scrutiny at a meeting of the parish council.

And there have also been conflicting views on whether the reception for Orange mobile telephone users has improved.

Beverley Taylor, the clerk to the council, confirmed that a report from Ofcom will be discussed at the meeting on Friday which will be open to the public.

Ofcom has been carrying out emissions tests at six sites in the village following concerns among residents.

Mr Taylor said he could not anticipate what the outcome might be at the council meeting in terms of any demands for further monitoring of emissions, but added: “We feel as a parish council generally we have a duty to do what we can to make sure there is nothing harmful going on.”

Mr Taylor and others contacted by the Gazette & Herald confirmed there were conflicting views on whether reception had improved.

Mr Taylor said: “Some people say there has been no improvement but others say it is much better now.”

Mrs Penny Bean, a member of the parish council, said: “We are still concerned about the long-term effects, especially on our children.”

And another member, Mrs Julie Calvert, said: “People still feel very strongly that Orange were not helpful with their communications particularly when we wanted it moved further away from the village and they would not communicate with us.”

Campaigners against the mast have been fighting to have it removed since it was put up more than two years ago.

The row also flared up when it was learnt that Ryedale District Council officials had failed to lodge an objection in time to stop it being put up in 2006.

The meeting starts at 7.30pm.